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    IDP Custom Login

    Benjamin Miller Newbie

      We are attempting to use Picketlink SAML2 IDP configurations to enable SSO between two systems. We've built a project that seems to follow all the documentation and seems to get Picketlink involved in attempting to do SAML2 Assertions and we've connected the IDP security domain in JBoss to our own login module. Login works fine with our login form, but the IDPLoginServlet is still trying to read something from users.properties for some reason (which seems to defeat the purpose).


      Is there some way to connect the IDP to our credentials and the principal we've provided that we are missing?


      Is there a way to get our custom attributes into the SAML assertions once we do?


      The documentation on really getting this to work is pretty sparse unless there is some hidden cache of information we've missed.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.