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    sendNowWith(RequestDispatcher) from server sends message to multiple browsers

    Jim Brownfield Newbie

      I have a server endpoint with a method:


          private void messageClientsForLogin(String username, String loginStatus, Exception ex) {
              MessageBuilder.createMessage().toSubject("ClientLoginStatus").signalling().with("LoginStatus", loginStatus)
                      .with("Username", username).with("Exception", ex).errorsHandledBy(new ErrorCallback() {
                          public boolean error(Message message, Throwable throwable) {
                              log.error("Error sending login status to client(s): " + message.toString(), throwable);
                              return true;


      I would like this message to go only to tabs and windows within the same HTTP session ID -- i.e. multiple windows/tabs within the same browser.  That's what I thought happened if I didn't execute a "sendGlobalWith" method.


      However, when I attach from Chrome and from Safari simultaneously, the message is delivered to both browsers even though they are in different HTTP sessions.


      Is my understanding of server-to-client message delivery incorrect, and if so, is there a way just to send to all client connections within the same HTTP session?