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    Lost Link to Image

    Erick Kendall Newbie

      I'm actually working with mod_proxy - didn't see a category for it.


      I installed JBoss AS 6 and deployed the sample.war that comes with Tomcat. Just grabbed it for testing.


      I removed the ROOT.war from JBoss and replaced it with sample.war (rm ROOT.war; cp sample.war ROOT.war)


      Below is what I appended the following to the httpd.conf.


      This works at intended as I want users to go to http://mywebsite without users having to enter http://mywebsite:8080


      However, when I go to the page, the images are missing and I can't get to the links.


      Not sure what's going on.




      ProxyRequests Off


      <Proxy *>

      Order deny,allow

      Allow from all



      NameVirtualHost X.X.X.X:80


      <VirtualHost X.X.X.X:80>

      ServerName jboss1

      ProxyPass / http://jboss1:8080