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    Using Tomcat adapters as foundation for TomEE adapters

    Dan Allen Master

      Apache TomEE bills itself as being Apache Tomcat with the web profile baked in. This means that it behaves mostly like Tomcat.


      While reviewing the TomEE container adapters, I noticed that there is a lot of overlap with the Tomcat adapters. I'd like to recommend that the TomEE adapters build on the common module in the Tomcat adapters rather than having a completely separate implementation. Doing so has the following benefits:


      • DRY
      • consistent experience for developer
      • improvements to the common module benefit all adapters


      We'd like to encourage either the Apache Tomcat, Apache TomEE or both teams take the lead on the Tomcat adapters. We're happy to host the Tomcat adapters in their current location, but we'd also be perfectly happy to contribute them to the Tomcat project (or some joint project). Ideally, the adapters would be be released in sync with the container releases (this has worked well for AS 7).


      The goal for this thread is to start the conversation and share viewpoints about the future of these adapters.