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    jbpm5 inside my own application




      A few days ago I heard about jbpm5 and after reading some of the available documentation, I had some doubts on how to integrate jbpm5 in my own application.

      The example I saw showed a preview of contents over Guvnor repository and showed too the editor/designer, in a specific web application (I think the example I saw was done in seam), but what Iwould like to know is how to integrate the process itself, eg, users make logging into the web application and see the tasks that need to run and clicking on them appears a form (form jbpm or something more specific of the application, for example with the graphical aspect of the same application) with the task information, fields to fill and instructions to perform in the step, etc... , as defined in the process.

      Can anyone help me clarify this doubt.

      Thank you.

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          I'm not sure to fully understand your requirements correctly, but if you are asking if you can embed the process engine inside your application, the answer is yes, you can do that and then use the available tools to author and store the process diagrams. 

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            Thank you Mauricio for your answer.


            What I mean is to provide the mechanism for sending and receiving tasks in my application and not in the jbpm-console. I do not intend to define or design new workflows or process in my application, or do not intend to integrate the designer bpm.

            Take this opportunity to ask if I know how can I do this integration, there is some documentation or example which has already been made.

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              Yes you can, using the Human Task APis you can interact with your Human Tasks without using the jBPM console, take a look at the jbpm-examples directory and also to the human tasks module tests to see how you can use that. I will be improving the docs with examples on the following days.



              -> https://github.com/droolsjbpm/jbpm/

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                                         How can i embed the JBPM process engine 5.3 to my own application.I am trying to resolve this issue from past week, but no use.Please help regarding this step by step.



                Thanking you,