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    Transaction attribute RequiresNew for CMP

    Ralph Newbie

      Hi all
      i am running JBOSS2.2.1 with a oracle database (with JDBC driver)

      i have a session bean like that


      a method in the bean (start_documents) calls a method (save()) of a normal server class.
      This method (save())calls a PL/SQL proceduce in the Oracle Database.
      AutoComit of the JDBC is set to False.
      Now i want to commit Database changes after each call of the method in the session bean.

      So the deployment descriptor looks like this:



      But it does not work. If i call the method start_documents
      during a while-loop i see the data in the database only at the end of the loop.
      I expect to see database updates after each while.

      Any ideas ??

      kind regards