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    Deployment problem with Eclipse + JBoss Tools

    Lukas Kalinski Newbie

      Ok, I've been on this for like 10 hours now, and neither Google nor my attempts to find a solution have helped. So here's the problem, I hope somebody can help, or at least tell me whether this should be reported as a bug or not.


      I recently installed Eclipse 3.7.2 on Mac OSX 10.7.3 (Lion), together with the latest JBoss Tools package. As I am new to JBoss Tools (and Apache Maven that it's using in my projects) I decided to get familiar with it before going on with something serious. So I created a new JBoss Central/Spring MVC Project. After that I added a server instance (JBoss AS 7.1.1) inside Eclipse, and deployed this unmodified project template using the Project/Run As/Run on server way. This works perfectly! However, if I for some reason decide that I would like to undeploy the project, and then deploy it again (i.e. undeploy using JBoss Management, then delete the exploded war-dirs, restart the server, and finally deploy as described above), I end up with everything being deployed, EXCEPT for everything that is in the webapp directory (the one that's created by default in this project template). As a consequence, the web application won't run anymore.


      Now this is what I've tried without any success:

      - Restart Eclipse;

      - Delete every possible file in the JBoss AS directory, that could have something cached inside it;

      - Committed the whole project tree into GIT, in order to check whether Eclipse changes some config setting (it doesn't);

      - Various combinations of the above, together with a lot of other not-remembered steps ...