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    How to create standalone web app?

    El Shak Newbie


      We are trying to create a standalone app that will serve as SAML2 identity provider.


      We got the source from both git and SVN, and cannot generate a working war file. There are many war files in the distributions that have no jar files in them. I am assuming that in tomcat and jboss the binaries will be in a shared folder outside the web app.


      But in a standalone war file, all the jars have to be in it. It is not required to support the standard Java authentication (which requires an app server plugin).


      • Is there a downloadable war file that can be customized?
      • Is there a good way to download the source and build my own war files? This way I can change the configuration. Maven cannot do that.


      The tutorial explains how to configure an app, but not how to create it. Kind of running before walking.


      If there is no known/documented way to build a stand a lone war file, and someone was able to do it, it would be very helpful if you can post a download link. A little bit of reverse engineering goes a long way