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    Cache Statistics in Distributed cache cluster

    venkataratnam teki Newbie



      I have a distributed cache cluster of 3 hotrod servers on my computer


      Instance1:   IP: localhost port: 11224

      Instance1:   IP: localhost port: 11225

      Instance1:   IP: localhost port: 11226


      I have configured a cache on all the instances through infinispan-config.xml and passed in while starting the hotrod server


      And i have started the remotecachemanager using the following code:


      RemoteCacheManager cacheMgr = new RemoteCacheManager ("localhost:11224;localhost:11225;localhost:11226);


      when i get the statistics of a cache using the getStatistics, following is the info i retrieved.

      Hits..           46636

      misses      0

      Retrievals  79844


      My doubt is, does infinispan gather the statistics from all the instances of cache cluster and give me, or this statistics information is from one instance among the cluster?