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    Seam 3 EAR Architecture Assistance

    Matthew Hibberd Newbie



      I have developed a few apps in the past using Seam 2 and now I would like to try out Seam 3. My problem is that my 1st project isn't exactly simple and I would appreciate anyones input on its architecture.


      The projec components:

      - A web app for logging in, registering new users, inputting and viewing data

      - A mobile app with login for viewing data inputted via the website


      I was thinking of packaging up the serverside as an EAR.

      - The ejb jar would provide the persistence unit and entities. Provide access to the data (SLSB's or something else, I havent decided) for the web and mobile apps. As well as holding any business logic.

      - The war would use Seam 3 the website, security and inputting/editting data via the ejb-jar.


      Does this sound like a reasonable architecture?

      I have had success with this sort of thing in the past, but since moving to Java EE 6, Seam 3, Richfaces 4, Maven etc etc recently, I am not sure whether my old ways are still justified.