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    how to access jboss admin console

    kamal_khadka Newbie



      I am trying to acces the admin console I tried localhost:8080/web-console that didn't help tried domainname/web-console that also didn't help. The apache server whenever sees domainname.com it forwards it to domainname.com/home


      So when I enter the domainname.com/web-console I am forwareded to domainname.com/home


      Is there any alternative way of accessing the admin console.


      The reason I am trying to admin console , jmx console in to find out .. how many active session is seam handling currently. If there is some other easy way to find this information that would be helpful too.


      It would be nice to know how to handle session expiration or when the users closes the web-site kill their session. Not sure how this is acheived.


      Application is in Jboss 4.2, seam 2.1.1, richfaces 3.2.2


      Thank you for any help