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    Domain newbie question...  (to domain or not to domain?)

    valentino cruz Newbie

      Our product is an Enterprise server application which consists of 2 servers both running on the same machine: 

      • The MAIN server (currently running JBoss 4.0.5) provides the bulk of our solution and is where clients connect to for services.
      • The 2nd server (currently running on Jetty) is a web administration console to manage the MAIN Server... so it provides operations such as "configure database, shutdown, restart, port changes, log level changes, etc.".  Only the server administrator user ever logs into this web admin console.


      I've already migrated the MAIN server to JBoss AS 7.1.1 and we're now considering moving the web console operations to JBoss 7.1.1 as well as a Domain configuration.   However, after doing some reading on Domain configurations, I'm no longer sure this is even a good idea.  


      At its simplest form I was imagining that I would have 2 nodes one for each server and that by putting them both in a Domain config. in AS7 in a single machine that it would be easy to configure them to share the same database, and have a more centralized location for all configurations while running on separate JVMs.   I also understand that since the MAIN server and the web admin console server are 2 different applications this means I would have 2 "Server Groups" each consisting of 1 node each.   But It seems like most of the examples I've read about on Domain configurations are for high availability and/or clusters.


      I would like to know if Domain configuration is recomended for our type of solution and if so, are there any examples?  or articles on this type of configuration?