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    Socket connection broken in Windows 8 Consumer preview

    Marcello Mirenda Newbie

      In Windows 8 JBoss Tools doesn't work. Html5 project" type shows an error dialog with the message "Could not resolve archetype org.jboss.aerogear.archetypes:jboss-html5-mobile-archetype:1.0.0.M3b from any of the configured repositories. Root cause: Could not resolve artifact org.jboss.aerogear.archetypes:jboss-html5-mobile-archetype:pom:1.0.0M3b". Similar error for "Java EE Web Project" and "Java EE Project" types.


      It seems there is a problem with Windows 8 with non-blocking SocketChannel. I opened an issue (JBIDE-11786) with more details about this annoying problem.