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    concurrent issue in conversational aware actions.

    Jeff Yu Master


      'jeff.yuchang' wrote:

      parallel actions. (concurrency issue)
      In the conversational ESB actions, the JBoss ESB didn't have a built-in concurrency mechanism that we can leverage to support our parallel actions. For example:
      We have a message object, which can be called messageA. we want to deliver messageA to two different services simultaneously. Because in the messageA, it has associated its 'session' context. In each service, it probably update the 'session' context. This means we need to guarantee only one thread to update the 'session' context. At present, I didn't see any feature/mechanism that we can use in JBossESB, so we can only try to use the database's concurrency lock.

      'objectiser' wrote:

      On the concurrent issue (1), using the database is really the only way - as it is possible the session may receive multiple messages anyway, so these have to be dealt with in a synchronized manner. I imagine it may also be possible for the same service to be deployed in different clustered JBossESB environments, and therefore different events could be processed in different JBossESB environments - but synchronized through a central db.