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    Walk method in session scoped beans executes every time - modal panel!

    Andrej Podgorsek Newbie

      Hi. I use RF4.2 on JBoss 7.1.1. Final.


      I have multiple modal popuppanels each with extended datatable inside defined on the same page and they commonly open one on another (project specification).


      Extended datatable backingbeans (@Named @Sessionscoped) extend ExtendedDataModel and implement the methods as described in Practical Richfaces 2nd edition, so the tables have DB paging. (they pull 10 rows). These popup (modal) panels go 3 levels deep.


      When I click, for example datascroller on 2nd level, I see in logs that also walk method in 0th and 1st level are getting executed, and they execute like 300ms, whick is a lot. Also U can imagine that on 3rd level, at least 4 different walks are executed, so the actions take more than 1-2second, which in unacceptable.


      I have lazy loading of popupanels implemented this way:


      <h:panelGroup id="includeFoo" >

                                              <a4j:outputPanel id="outputPanelFoo" rendered="#{Foo_CONTROLLER.rendered}">

                                                        <ui:include src="#{Foo_CONTROLLER.url}" />





      Please help...the WALK methods are gettitng executed TOO MANY TIMES, and also on wrong controllers (cascading).