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    Multiple dynamic selectOneMenu inside ui:repeat

    Aitor González Newbie



      Is there a possibility to generate dynamic selectOneMenu inside an ui:repeat tag, and bind each selected value to a list?


      What is the best approach to doing this with Seam?




      <ui:repeat value="#{myBean.suitableAlgorithms" var="_alg">
           <h:outputLabel value="#{_alg.name}">
            <ui:repeat value="#{_alg.algorithmAttributes}" var="_algAtt">
                <h:outPutLabel value="#{_algAtt.name}">
                <h:selectOneMenu value="#{myBean.selectedAlgAttribute[index?]}">
                     <s:selectItems value="#{_algAtt.algorithmAttributeValues}" var="_algAttVal" label="#{_algAttVal.value}/>



      I dont know how to get index value (and even if it's possible).


      It would be great if I could use my entityBean set collections to bind selectOneMenu values but I think it's imposible.



      Any hint will be appreciated!


      Thank you in advance