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    Life of Richfaces 3.3.3 ?

    Adrien Adrien Apprentice



      I just wanted to comment about the life of RF3.3 vs RF 4.x.

      In first what I thing about richfaces

      a)First for the compliments:
      - awesome

      -Excellent forum with answers

      -performant (for our site)

      -very good documentation

      -good tracking bugs and changes with jira

      b)Second for what I believe are the gaps:
      -I think the fundamental flaw that is lacking it is the "skins" which by default are (I am only quoting the feedback from users of our site): 'austere'. I think a nice update to the web2.0 bring more users to richfaces. Especially since the skins can overcome a difficult task of design :-)

      -The perimeters of bug fixes or changes in jira change enough (I think particularly to two points which I held to my heart: migration 3.3-> 4.x rich: pages (RF-8751) that have moved from 4.0 to 4.1 and now in future and a 'skin' to show trends that can be done in web2.0 that followed also in future 4.0,4.1 and now Futur(?).


      Now the subject of my post:

      New versions of browsers (firefox 11, etc. Some months about ie8 ..) mean that applications must accumulate RF3.3 workarounds. It is difficult to follow all forum posts in search of a loss of compatibility due to updating of browsers.
      Currently we see no more corrections officials for RF3.3.3  , so I think that a version of RF should at minimum some time to ensure compatibility with the new
      browsers (Firefox, ie, chromium), especially when the jump to version as JSF1.2 JSF2.0 is 'long'. I think the versions LTS (Long Term Support) of ubuntu for example.


      Of course, we are now migrating in RF4, but it's a pretty heavy task, especially since:
        we are waiting for migration of certain components of richfaces 3.3.3 not yet ported (rich: page etc. ..), some bug fixes 4.xx RF , and we move along in AS7. x. although close to a final version that we hope to put into production by the end of the year but we are worried by whether one is really ready RF4.x in our application no longer runs under RF 3.3. 3 in some browsers.


      So, we would like to know what was the vision of the team richfaces respect to the life of RF3.3.3, and generally when RF5 begin what will be the life of RF4?


      Best regards


      (sorry for my english and thank you to google translation:-))