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    Infinispan hotrod server mode

    alex.shvidky Newbie

      We check possibility to use Infnispan in our application and built next POC:

      We run Infinispan in HotRod server mode, cluster with two servers, in cache replication mode. (Both nodes have same data).

      Application connects with hotrod client.

      Except Infinispan, our application has it local object caches and all obejcts are stored as in local caches as in infinispan caches.

      I can store successfully around 2M objects that consume arround 2G memory.

      On init, application has to load all objects from infinispan to fill its local caches. I do it using RemoteCache.getBulk() API.


      Here is a problem. I can not load big number of objects from infinispan cache as I get OutOfMemory exception in the hotrod server.


      Does it mean that getBulk() clones all objects before sending it to client?

      How much memory from available memory infinispan use? Can I configure it?

      Is there another way to load all objects from infinispan server?