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    Weld Version 1.1.6 / 1.1.7 / 1.1.8

    Olaf Groenemann Newbie

      There is an announcement of WELD 1.1.7.FINAL at http://in.relation.to/Bloggers/Weld117FinalReleased but in the repository there is a 1.1.8.FINAL, e.g. a weld-core 1.1.8.FINAL cab be found in the repository (https://repository.jboss.org/nexus/content/groups/public/org/jboss/weld/weld-core/), but no weld-servlet-core 1.1.8.FINAL (but a weld-servlet 1.1.8.FINAL is there. Is it correct?


      The Weld homepage (http://www.seamframework.org/Weld/Downloads) mentions still 1.1.6.FINAL.