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    CNFE from classloader isolated war

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      I'm using Jboss 5.1.0 EAP and I have a war file with classloading isolation turned on via <class-loading javqa2ClassLoadingCompilance=true>. Within the war are a number of quartz jobs that fire off on various intervals. Several of the quartz jobs call a web service by referencing a jar located in MyWar/WEB-INF/lib (which is present), however, when they fire off, I keep getting a Cannot load java type exception casued by ClassNotFoundException from org.jboss.classloader.spi.base.BaseClassLoader.loadClass(BaseClassLoader.java:477). I'm also using the jboss worker thread pools for some of the business logic.


      My question is why are the classes within referenced from within my war not visible from the jar's within WEB-INF/lib of a class loader isolated war?



      Considently, I have the same code and referenced jar routine running in a non isolated war, not within a quartz job context with no problems.

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          Basically, the isolated war registered the quartz job which was running at the server level. When the job fires off, the quart class loader cannot find classes in the isolated war, thus the error. The solution is to remove quartz from the server level and move it into the isolated war. It's not the best solution, but it works