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    richfaces4.1.0.Final javascript error browser crash, Is this a bug?

    zhifu Jin Newbie

      Hi All,

                I have a web application used richfaces4.1.0.Final. the issue is when have two requests like below will cause js error:"element is null" and browser crash.   

                     1. first request sending, and don't have response arrived.

                     2. the second request start, will add this request into queue.

                     3. first response arrived , the second request will be dequeue and send request, it will find source element first,  and our page had changed, the element is null, but the code like this:

                               if(typeof source==="string"){element=document.getElementById(source)}else{if(typeof source==="object"){element=source}else{throw new Error("jsf.request: source must be object or string")}}if(!element.name){element.name=element.id}


                     Since, it look like a bug. the element need do non-null judgment. Can you give me a solution for resolve this?