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    Log Event Sources

    Poyan Gerami Novice



      I have added an log event sources to my error.log and bind an elert to that event. The strange thing is that some off the entrys in the log does not trigger an event/alert.


      So hear is some example


      this log entry trigger and event :


      2012-05-08 11:24:32,401 ERROR [pool-152-thread-5] [com.xxx.esb.actions.soap.WSDispatchClientAction] SocketTimeoutException when trying to connect to: http://prod.intern.xxx.se/webapp/Y16DS01WEBi/LagfartsInfoService


      But not this one:


      2012-05-08 12:14:43,896 ERROR [pool-83-thread-1] [se.xxx.fik.esb.actions.util.WebServiceHelper] : Message id: 33bedcc5-585f-4ccc-bc87-b5f5b2bed5b0 Exception caught while processing request



      I cant see the later log entry in the Events tab on that server.


      Any ideas whats going on hear ?