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    HornetQ 2.2.14 - How can I tell what node a client is connected to at any given time when using Discovery?

    bruceas Newbie

      I've recently switched to HornetQ 2.2.14. I have a very simple, yet frustrating question that I have yet to to find the answer to (I fear that I'm missing something incredibly obvious).


      Let's say that I have a three-node HornetQ cluster:

      - Node A is running on machine "serverA", Node B on "serverB", and Node C on "serverC"

      - Client connections are handled via a Discovery group


      The client connects using the discovery address, and ultimately gets connected to to *one* of the nodes.


      Is there any way to easilly tell *which* particular node it connects to (e.g. "serverA", "serverB", or "serverC" [or their respective IP addresses])?