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    Nesting rich:treeModelAdaptor

    Jason Ingram Newbie

      I'm using RichFaces 4.2 and I have the Practical RichFaces book.  I like the idea of using the Tree Model Adaptor, further separating business logic from view logic, but I'm having a bit of a problem with it. 


      I'd really like to do something similar to this:



              <rich:treeModelAdaptor nodes="#{deptBean.departments}" var="department">


                <rich:treeModelAdaptor nodes="#{department.employees}" var="employee">

                  <rich:treeNode>#{employee.lastName}, #{employee.firstName}</rich:treeNode>





      Although I know that it's not the correct syntax, that the var attribute belongs with the rich:tree tag.


      In my example, the #{deptBean.departments} returns a list of Department entities, which in turn holds a list of Employee entities that have properties.


      How can I access the nested component as an arbitrary object and in turn access its properties using rich:treeModelAdaptor (or something similar)?