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how to get cache store and get keys from it

Mathieu Lachance Newbie

Hello everyone,


I was wondering if, there is any way to get the cache configurated cache store ?

I've looked up in the AdvancedCache interface but found nothing.


Also, is there any way to get keys from store to do some processing on passivated entries ?

Tough the only method I see, is the one provided in : CacheLoader::Set<Object> loadAllKeys(Set<Object> keysToExclude)


to me, it would be actually quite nice to provide methods:

1. to get the actual count of keys in store,

2. to get the first x keys (max result)

3. to get the first keys 'between' y (min result) and z (max result)

most likely the hibernate/hibernate search interface permit it.


Big thanks,