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    changing the web context root of a web application

    Peter Fry Newbie

      Is there an alternative to renaming the war file prior to deployment to get a different web context root.


      Ideally I want to be able to deploy an unchanged war file (same name, unchanged contents) and then via a jboss as 7.1 specific file alter the web context root.


      My ideas are:


      an external web.xml file using the 5.0.1 deployers approach






      URL rewrite functionality




      (someone else has queried the uptodateness of for 7.1!)


      Anyone with experience of this or whether either are possible in 7.1?

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          Tomaz Cerar Master



          short answer to what you want is yes.

          Long version gets bit complicated


          one way to rename deployment is when you use admin console and add new deployment you can rename it to whatever you want.

          another option is to connect with CLI and manually rename deployment.

          also we are preparing new functionality that will enable you to override any deployment descriptor as part of management without modifying your deployment, but this is scheduled for 7.2...


          hope anything of this helps,