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    Adding module dependencies dynamically - JBoss 7

    Matija Gaspar Newbie

      We have one main application with addons that are deployed as separate applications. This separate applications, are depnent on the main ear which is no problem. But the main application would also need to see the classes of the "plugins". Reason beeing, plugin may extend some data transfer objects which are than forwarded (by the main application) to the client, but if the main application doesn't "see" thoose extended classes the forwarding will fail with class not found exception. One solution would be to serialize the data within the plugin before sending it to the main application, so the forwarding deals with a string. However I would like to avoid this, unless realy neccesary. So i wonder if there is a possibility to add module dependecy (like using jboss-deployment-structure.xml but dynamicaly) to a running application and how? or should i take another approach.