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    EPRs storage in registry

    Lukasz Dworski Newbie



      I can't find where EPRs for HTTP protocol are stored. Can anyone tell where I can find information about wsdl exposed with JBoss ESB?

      In UDDI registry there are only ESB actions stored.

      I tried to obtain EPRs using





      but result does not contain http protocol EPRs.

      Page http://localhost:8080/contract/ shows correct wsdl in HTTP -> Contract section, so it is correctly exposed and deployed.


      Please help.

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          Lukasz Dworski Newbie

          I've found how to read WSDLs of exposed services:

          List<Service> services = ServicePublisher.getServices();
                                        for (Service service : services) {
                                                  List<ServicePublisher> servicePublishers = ServicePublisher
                                                  for (ServicePublisher servicePublisher : servicePublishers) {
                                                            final Publisher publisher = servicePublisher.getPublisher();
                                                            if (publisher instanceof ContractReferencePublisher) {
                                                                      final ContractReferencePublisher contractReferencePublisher = (ContractReferencePublisher) publisher;
                                                                      final URI serviceContractURI = contractReferencePublisher


          It is based on code found in /deploy/contract.war/index.jsp.


          Does anyone know where publishers data is stored in database?

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            Lukasz Dworski Newbie

            Does information about ServicePublishers and wsdl files exposed with JBoss ESB is stored in memory? There's no information about exposed wsdl/contracts in juddi database.

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              Tom Cunningham Master

              I think they are stored in memory - if you check out org.jboss.soa.esb.listeners.config.ServicePublisher, there's a static Map there.

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