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    Infinispan cache clustering

    Prasad Deshpande Expert

      Hi Guys,


      I'm trying to setup a cluster in domain mode. So my custom profile in domain.xml has infinispan & jgroups subsystems. And as usual infinispan subsystem has <cache-container>'s. I guess these <cache-container>'s are analogous to <namesCache> in infinispan when used on it's own.

      So here is the problem, my ear uses Infinispan cache (namedCache's) for storing some data in RAM (cache configuration is read from xml file not programatically done). When I deploy this application(EAR) in standalone mode on a single non-clustered mode, things are fine.


      But as I'm thinking of clustering my application I face this problem. I'd need to replicate this Application (EAR) specific data to all the nodes in the cluster, how should I configure my subsystem (infinispan/jgroups/any other) to replicate that data? I tried to use same mcast address & port for appliaction cache as defined in socket-binding-group, then I get warning on console saying that application data cluster is different cluster & hence dropping the packet.


      Could anyone please provide any thoughts?