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    Instantaneous server-side variable update with Seam Remoting

    bsgcic Newbie

      I am updating a variable on the server-side via javascript on the client side via seam remote. However the get method is returning the value prior to the change rather than the updated value. How do I get the change to happen immediately so that updated value is returned by the get method? The following is the code:


      xhtml page:

      var mainTopicHeadingA = "Translation Services - Set in Javascript";



      function sayMainTopicHeadingACallback(result) { alert("This is the result back from the java object: " + result); }






      public class GeneralSettingsPageAction implements GeneralSettingsPage


      private String mainTopicHeadingA = "Initial Default Setting";


      public void setMainTopicHeadingA(String mainTopicHeadingA) {

           this.debugMessageSegment += "mainTopicHeadingA (received from page) = " + mainTopicHeadingA + "\n";

           this.debugMessageSegment += "this.mainTopicHeadingA = " + this.mainTopicHeadingA + "\n";




           this.mainTopicHeadingA = mainTopicHeadingA;


           this.debugMessageSegment += "After assignment: this.mainTopicHeadingA = " + this.mainTopicHeadingA + "\n";





      public String getMainTopicHeadingA() { return this.mainTopicHeadingA; }



      mainTopicHeadingA (received from page) = Translation Services - Set in Javascript

      this.mainTopicHeadingA = Initial Default Setting

      After assignment: this.mainTopicHeadingA = Translation Services - Set in Javascript;

      This is the result back from the java object: Initial Default Setting


      Why am I not getting the following?:  This is the result back from the java object: Translation Services - Set in Javascript


      Thank you