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    Dependencies between EARs

    Daniel Abramovich Newbie



      I'm in the process of upgrading our applicaiton from 4.0.4 to 7.1.1. So far things have been going well, considering the chasm between versions.


      We have a a fair number of 2.1 EJBs. We have a couple of sub-projects which each produce thier own jars/EJBs. Some of the sub-projects provide common libraries/services We have a couple of "top-level" projects / applications which depend on those  those libraries/services  In each project, there is an "-ejb.jar" which has just DDs for the EJB classes which live in a peer jar (legacy reason for that).



      I've been trying to work out what the best way to package everything up and would really appreciate some input. Here's what I have now. I'm using the <initialize-in-order> tag in the application.xml to ensure the jar with all of the .classes deploys first.



      - lib/thirdParty.jar* (many of these)

      - common.jar

      - common-ejb.jar (just EJB2.x deployment descriptors)



      -MANFEST.mf has "deployment.common.ear export, deployment.common.jar export"

      - core.jar

      - core-ejb.jar



      - MANIFEST.mf has "deployment.core.jar"  (I've also tried adding deployment.core.ear)

      - application_abc.jar

      - application_abc-ejb.jar


      This works (deploys at least) if I manually control the order (common, core, application), but if I just let JBoss start on it's own, applicaiton.ear will complain that the common.ear is not found.  I was expecting that by adding the dependencies between the deployments it would control ordering. What am I doing wrong? Is there a better way to structure things?


      Small nit, but why do I seem to need to specify both the toplevel ear (to pick up the lib) and the individual jars inside of it? It seems like application A shouldn't (have to) know about the internals of application B.


      I imagine I could just dump all of this in a single ear and get it to work, but that doesn't seem right. Then I need to repear that whole structrue for applications qrs and xyz, I'd prefer that each sub-project was self contained and could just specificy what it's depencies are.


      Thank you fellow JBossers...