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    ExtendedDataTable - How to enable hover highlighting with multi select enabled?

    Keith Childs Newbie

      I'd like to use an extendedDataTable to allow users to select one or more items from a list, so it just needs to be a single column table with multi select enabled, nothing fancy.


      This was super easy to do, but now I want to enhance the table to highlight rows onmouseover. I've tried a suggestion I've found on another thread:



         value="#{gvsDetail.tests}" var="test" id="edtfilterTests"

         width="280px" height="400px"




         onRowMouseOut="this.style.backgroundColor='#{a4jSkin.tableBackgroundColor}'"> <!-- selection="" -->






          <f:facet name = "header">



          <h:outputText value="#{test.name}"/>



      The above DOES enable highlighting on hover, but now selected rows are no longer highlighted (probably because the onRowMouseOut event overrides the selection color).



      I've tried a number of things, with no luck. I think I need to do something like:

        onRowMouseOver="if(!this.isSelected) highlightrow;"

         onRowMouseOver="if(!this.isSelected) unhightlightrow;"



      Any suggestions?

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          dageisz Newbie

          Although it's a bit late it may help others:


          the best solution would be to use css styling.


          define a row class:

              /* insert your default row style here - for your example: */
              backgroundColor: #{a4jSkin.tableBackgroundColor};
              backgroundColor: #F1F1F1;

          in order to activate it use

           <rich:extendedDataTable ... rowClasses="myrow"> ... </rich:extendedDataTable>

          As a hint: this will work only partialy if you are using fixed columns, as the fixed and the not-fixed columns are rendered in separate tables and thus have no connections on hovering.

          After all you javascript solution doesnt work either, at least not in this simple way.