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    JBoss 6 deployment dependencies - Spring/CXF loads web service implementation before war fully deployed


      I'm migrating from JBoss5 and Axis web services to JBoss6-Final and CXF services. I've run into a Spring/CXF deployment order/dependency issue I can't seem to figure out.


      I'm deploying an ear project with several war files. All the normal deployment dependencies "<depends>" configurations between the various war files is working great except Spring picks up the Apache CXF jbossws-cxf.xml file in my web services war and loads the service implementations before the war file is fully deployed by jboss. This is a problem because the war file also contains an EJB Controller class that the services use when called. To reduce lookup time the EJB local lookup is done in a static way which causes this to occur when Spring tries to load it.


      Does Springs/CXF/JBoss have a way to force "depends" type relationships on the parent war file? I've read and tried Spring lazy loading on beans or "depends-on" but that is within the context of the CXF/Spring config and I'm not sure how to make it wait for JBoss to deploy the EJB.


      Any thoughts?


      I know I can change the code to do the lookup later in a non-static way but I'm more interested in knowing if there is a way to fix the deploy order issue where Spring ignores the JBoss deploy dependency configurations.