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    How to Setup HornetQ Queue cluster using Dynamic Port

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          We have a requirement for configuring JMS Queue Clustering in JBOSS AS 7.1.0 (using HornetQ static ports).

      Our system wont support Multicast. The Host Name and Port numbers we will be using for the multiple instances of JBOSS will be allocated just before the instances are started (in the sense at this stage we cant touch our code for configuring the hostnames or port numbers the way we do it in the static connectors). In this case, how can we do the JMS HorneQ clustering ? 


      we have a thought that we will store the HostName and Port Numbers in the DB. Using the configuration values in DB, using JMX calls, invoke the JMS Queue Service and configure the Host Names and Port numbers.


      This is just a thought in our mind and we are trying to evaluate that. Is there any other better approach, we can achieve the same.