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    5.3 Release?




      About a month ago we asked what the outlook was for v5.3, given that the target was to deliver on 2nd April, and that we should watch the issue list in Jira.


      I've been watching the issue list for some time now, it has been stuck at 10 outstanding Jiras against v5.3 for a while.


      Here's my issue:

      - Guvnor 5.3 works great

      - Designer latest and greatest works great

      - I have a problem with the latest version of JBPM console server - it does not work with Guvnor 5.3 due to a serialization mismatch on the MVEL data object


      Is there any way to build a latest JBPM console server against a working Guvnor 5.3?  I think it would then bring in the correct dependencies to avoid the serialization error.


      I imagine JBPM 5.3 will work with Guvnor 5.3, but when will that be available?