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    PopupPanel - weird re-rendering on resize

    Brian Kates Newbie

      I'm having trouble resizing a PopupPanel.  The popup panel is completely distorted when I re-size it.  See attached before and after pictures.  Any ideas?     We are using RichFaces 4.2.0

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          Brian Kates Newbie

          Ooops, it looks like the before and after images are the same.  Oh well.  The idea is the same.  The popup gets completely distorted when I re-size.  Any ideas?         

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            Lukáš Fryč Master

            Hi Brian, could you please add more details?


            Which browser are you using?


            Are you able to reproduce issue in RichFaces Showcase?



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              Brian Kates Newbie

              I am NOT able to reproduce in the showcase. 


              I am using Firefox 10.0.3 and Chome 19.x.  It happens in either browser. 


              The HTML ouput of the popup is the following (note the part in bold, if I disable that through the browser style editor, the problem goes away).


              <div class="rf-pp-cntr " id="crossBarForm:helpPopup_container" style="position: fixed; z-index: 100; left: 650px; top: 288px; height: 124px; width: 513px;">

                  <div class="rf-pp-shdw" id="crossBarForm:helpPopup_shadow" style="opacity: 0.1; left: 5px; top: 5px; bottom: -5px; height: 124px; width: 513px;"></div>

                  <div class="rf-pp-hdr " id="crossBarForm:helpPopup_header" style="cursor: move;">

                      <div class="rf-pp-hdr-cnt" id="crossBarForm:helpPopup_header_content">Production Insurance National Statistical System Help</div>


                  <div class="rf-pp-hdr-cntrls " id="crossBarForm:helpPopup_header_controls">

                      ... controls


                  <div class="rf-pp-cnt-scrlr" id="crossBarForm:helpPopup_content_scroller" style="height: 102px; width: 513px;">

                      <div class="rf-pp-cnt" id="crossBarForm:helpPopup_content">

                            ... content goes here



                  <div class="rf-pp-hndlr  rf-pp-hndlr-l" id="crossBarForm:helpPopupResizerW" style="cursor: w-resize; height: 124px; left: 0px; top: 0px;"></div>

                  <div class="rf-pp-hndlr rf-pp-hndlr-r" id="crossBarForm:helpPopupResizerE" style="cursor: e-resize; height: 124px;"></div>

                  <div class="rf-pp-hndlr rf-pp-hndlr-t" id="crossBarForm:helpPopupResizerN" style="cursor: n-resize; width: 513px; left: 0px; top: 0px;"></div>

                  <div class="rf-pp-hndlr rf-pp-hndlr-b" id="crossBarForm:helpPopupResizerS" style="cursor: s-resize; width: 513px;"></div>

                  <div class="rf-pp-hndlr rf-pp-hndlr-tl" id="crossBarForm:helpPopupResizerNW" style="cursor: nw-resize; left: 0px; top: 0px;"></div>

                  <div class="rf-pp-hndlr rf-pp-hndlr-tr" id="crossBarForm:helpPopupResizerNE" style="cursor: ne-resize;"></div>

                  <div class="rf-pp-hndlr rf-pp-hndlr-bl" id="crossBarForm:helpPopupResizerSW" style="cursor: sw-resize;"></div>

                  <div class="rf-pp-hndlr rf-pp-hndlr-br" id="crossBarForm:helpPopupResizerSE" style="cursor: se-resize;"></div>


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                Brian Kates Newbie

                Just want to bump this up.  I'm hoping for help on this.

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                  Lukáš Fryč Master



                  you can try hacking with the popupPanel.js, there is the part which updates shadow's height:



                  Also made you sure you haven't applied any custom styles to the popupPanel?