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    Errai DI problems in multi-module Maven project

    Aliaksei Lahachou Newbie

      Hello World,


      I have a multi-module Maven project with 2 modules: 'widgets' and 'showcase'. 'widgets' contains GWT module with interface 'Layout' and implementation class 'DefaultLayout' annotated with @ApplicationScoped. 'showcase' contains an entry point, which injects the layout using interface.


      If I build and deploy the application, it does not work, because 'DefaultLayout' is not injected (in dev-mode I get NullPointerException). If I move everything from the 'widgets' module to the 'showcase' module, everything works as expected. The 'widgets' module executes 'gwt:resources' mojo, so the sources are included in the jar.


      Is this configuration not supported? Do I do something wrong? I can prepare a test project if it's needed.