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    unknow problem, plz help

    Todd Newbie

      Hi, I have a J2EE app that has two other applications included in it. One if for authentication, the other is where it gets it's data from.
      To make calls to both apps, I wrote a util class in each which does a lookup to the ejbhome of the required ejb.
      In order to call these, I include the ejb.jar files from each in my ear file, and then have these on the classpath in the ejb manifest.

      This is all well and good, but it fails to work. If I only include one application then it works fine...two applications included mostly fails (sometimes it works fine!)

      Exceptions thrown include Connection Refused, javax.naming.ServiceUnavaliableException and often blah not bound.

      All JNDI names are different. I have tried deploying on linux and windows using 2.4.3 and 2.4.4 Jboss.

      Still no luck. Please Help!

      (btw, sorry if not a database issue, didn't know where to post).