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    Not reRendering ui:include page from modalpanel

    Vishwanath Bannur Newbie

      Hi All,


      Not reRendering ui:include page from modalpanel


      I have 3 xhtml file as attached here.


      1. reviewFlightDetails.xhtml (ui:includes both of below files.)

      2. crossSellHotelinFltResultPage.xhtml (Which contains datagrid to show list of items)

      3. crossSellHotelChangeDates.xhtml (Contains modal panel with a4j:commandButton)



      In "reviewFlightDetails.xhtml" I have included both 'crossSellHotelinFltResultPage.xhtml' and 'crossSellHotelChangeDates.xhtml'.

      On some action modalpanel opens and a4j:commandButton in modalpanel needs to be update and refresh the datagrid in "crossSellHotelinFltResultPage.xhtml"

      I have tried putting reRender attribute by providing all component ID's but there is not refreshing the datagrid.


      Please help me how to reRender the data which is included in file using ui:include.