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    Paging issue in Hornet 2_2_5_Final_AS7

    Jan van de klok Newbie

      Hello there,


        I was wondering if someone could help me with the following problem:


      We have a JBoss 6 with embedded hornet 2_2_5_AS7 running and have a number of Queues with producers and consumers.

      Besides that there is 1 "FailedQueue that has producers but NO consumers. When messages from the regular queue's have some kind of delivery problems, those messages will be moved to the "FailedQueue. We are using PAGING for all our queues.


      We have a java web-app running that  uses JMS queries  to show the content of the failed queue. This works fine as long as all the messages on the failed queue are in memory and not in the paged pages. Lets say that about 3000 messages are "visible" from the memory and the total message count on the faled queue is 23.000.


      Now here's the problem: If we move messages from the "visible memory" failedQueue to a trashqueue, these messages disappear from the visible "memory" failedqueue, but the visible "memory" messages are decreasing, while I would expect that paged messages would become visible now because there is now memory freed by the messages that have been moved to the trash queue.


      I finally moved all the visible "memory" message from failed queue to the trash queue. Now the total message count is  20.000 but the jms query now always reports 0 messages!!!

      Restarting the JBOSS did not "reload" solve this problem!


      Question:  how can solve this problem??


      Any help is greatly appreciated!!


      Jan van de Klok

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          Clebert Suconic Master

          Can you move to the latest version?

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            Jan van de klok Newbie

            Hello Clebert,


              I've replaced the following hornetq jar files in my jboss 6.1 AS:


                 - hornetq-logging.jar

                 - hornetq-jms.jar

                 - hornetq-jboss-as-integration.jar

                 - hornetq-core.jar

                 - hornetq-bootstrap.jar

            with the 2.2.14.Final version


            and restarted jboss.


            Everything still seems to work with this new version, however the problem did not go away.


            Is this a bug in hornetq?

            Can we, in any way, force the failedQueue to do some kind of "refresh" or reload?? Perhaps by consuming a message en rollback immidiately after receiving the message?


            Consuming large volumes of messages on the queues seems to go OK when using paging.


            I really appreciate your help, since this problem is occurring in our production environment!


            Kind regards,


            Jan van de Klok