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    Retina Scan of JBoss Portal Flips Out Over Redirects Without URL Rewrite

    Jeff Lavezzo Newbie

      We're running JBoss Portal 2.7 on JBoss 4.3.2. A cutomer ran a Retina scan on a deployed system and are asking us to change the way JBoss Portal responds to unknown subdirectories.  Currently, going to

      http://theHost/portal/portal/ourPortal/anyDirectory/someSubDir  displays the default portlet without trimming the URL back to http://theHost/portal/portal/ourPortal


      I'd expect this is something I could configure in the jboss-service.xml file, but I don't know what setting will do the trick.


      We're planning a move away from JBoss Portal, but this customer wouldn't be ready to replace what they have for 12 months at least.


      Please help me avoid 20 hours of research into APIs!