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    BMP debugging

    Pawel S. Veselov Newbie

      Hi !

      I'm trying to turn on BMP trace, so I could see which
      methods of a BMP bean are being accessed, and kinda
      can't figure that out...

      In ejb-jar.xml I have:



      <configuration-name>Standard BMP EntityBean</configuration-name>


      <container-configurations />

      And my standartjboss.xml, in the standard BMP entity bean configuration section, says <call-logging>true</call-logging>
      And I can't see those debug messages on either screen or server.log file...

      Am I missing something here, like some log4j debugging options ?

      Thanks !

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          ppetit Newbie

          Try this :
          In the conf\default\Log4j.Properties file, you have this entry :
          # Example of increasing the priority threshold for the DefaultDS category
          # Example of only showing INFO msgs for any categories under org.jboss.util

          uncomment the last line and change INFO to DEBUG.