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    RF4 : dataScroller howto right align ?

    gonzalad Apprentice



      What is the best way to align rich:dataScroller on the right ?


      With RF 3.x, you just have to use attribute align="right".

      With RF 4.x, I'm wrapping dataScroller with an additional <div> like this :


      <div style="text-align: right">
        <rich:dataScroller id="chargerScr" boundaryControls="auto" 
            renderIfSinglePage="false" for="cDt"
            styleClass="pagination-classic" maxPages="5"
            stepControls="auto" fastControls="hide" render="chargerScr,cF,msg"/>


      Is there an easier way ?


      Thanks !


      P.S. in the absolute, generating HTML markup like this would have been ideal I think (similar to bootstrap pagination) :

      <div class="rf-ds"><ul><li>...</li><li>...</li><li>...</li></ul></div>