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    How do I code a finder for this soundex query?

    Buzz Andersen Newbie

      I am trying to make a custom finder to do a soundex query. The SQL statement I'm trying to do is like this:

      SOUNDEX(mycolumn) = SOUNDEX('{0}')

      However for the life of me I can't figure out how to deal with that string literal and it's attendant single quotes. I've tried stuff like this:


      and even pre-coding the quotes as part of {0}. Nothing seems to work. Yet, if I hard code it like this:

      SOUNDEX(mycolumn) = SOUNDEX('jon')

      It works flawlessly. I've searched everywhere for guidance on how to deal with this kind of situation and can't seem to find it anywhere. Can anyone here offer any advice?

      I am using JBoss 2.4.3.

      Thanks so much!
      Buzz Andersen