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    Does jboss store Datasource info in any form of cache

    Nimish Kumar Newbie


      We have cloned our machine using vmware's vsphere tool. Machine details -

      OS - linux RHEL 5.4

      64 GB RAM.

      Jboss EWP 5.1 installed.


      Now, after cloning we are not able to connect to new DB. The entry for new DB in present in xxx-ds.xml. Actually, it is connecting to 2 DB - 1 which was pointed by old machine and 2nd the new DB. I am not able to understand, how this is happening. Does jboss store any cace for datasource, so I doubt while cloning this cache will also be present in new machine and so it will be pointing to both DBs( 1 by referring to cache and another by referring to ds.xml of cloned m/c). Appreaciate your help in this urgently.