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    How should I hot deploy a jdbc 4 driver with accompanying native libraries ?

    Ed Roberts Newbie

      I am trying to understand the possibilities for deploying jdbc drivers with native libraries. For example, Microsoft SQL Server JDBC 4 driver.


      I have read that JDBC4-compliant drivers (jars) can be deployed either as core modules or as hot deployments, so I can: -

      a) take the jar file and copy it to the modules directory (e.g. modules/com/microsoft/sqlserver/jdbc/main) and in there provide an accompanying modules.xml file which

      specifies the name of the jar




      b) I can just drop the jar in the deployments folder


      The example I am using (Microsoft SQL Server) provides sqljdbc_auth.dll, so we can take advantage of mirroring and windows authentication.

      I understand that if I use option a) above, I can change the modules.xml to include reference to a lib sub-folder and it in turn can then contain special <os-name>-<os-arch> folders which actually

      contain the .so/.dll/etc files.


      If I want to use the hot deploy method, how can I wrap the jar and the native libraries up together for this to work ?


      Thanks for any help