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Producers, injection point and custom context

riboriori riboriori Newbie

Hi all

i've developed a custom context that is similar to @viewScoped context.

I have two controllers , say ActionA, ActionB, in order to implements a test wizard.

This wizard simulate a registration of new user's data.




public class ActionA{

private String var1;

@Produces @Named("var1")
public String getVar1(){
  return var1;

public void setVar1(String var1){
this.var1 = var1;






public class ActionB{

private String var2;
@Inject @Named("var1") String var1;

public String getVar2(){
return var2;

public void setVar2(String var2){
this.var2 = var2;

public void endWizard(){
System.out.println("var1 is: " + var1);






1) Go to ActionA, make var1 equals to "var1";

2) Go to ActionB, make var2 equals to "var2";

3) Invoke endWizard method of ActionB class and i can read into the consolle "var1 is: var1";

4) Go back to ActionA and make var1 equals to "var1_second_change";

5) Go forward to ActionB, invoke endWizard method of ActionB class and i read into the consolle "var1 is: var1", when i expect to read "var1 is: var1_second_change";


In my custom context, instead i can see that var1 field of instance of ActionA controller contains correct value (var1 in fact is equals to "var1_second_change" value).

I cant understand why that newly value does not be produced.


Can anyone help me?

P.S. Sorry my english is bad.