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    Running code after jboss started

    Alessandro Gelormini Newbie

      hi I have this problem...where I work there is an ear server application runs into jboss 4.2.3 24/7 serving an operations center with some clients which ask for some stuff...now this clients can schedule some reminders on the server which save the details on db and starts some java Timers...these reminders can stay active theoretically forever...the problem is: sometimes jboss has to be restarted after the implementations of new functionalities and clearly the timers are lost...so, through the db information I can reconstruct the state before the server was shutted down; but I want this operation to be performed automatically after the server has been restarted...jboss should read the active timer from db, restart them in the right way and let them available for manipulation from the client (deleting,modifying,ecc)...how can I get this??? Be aware that I cant upgrade the server and use ejb 3.1 functionalities like @Startup and @PostConstruct...


      thanks in advance