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    EJB-JAR Packaging with external dependencies




      I have a JavaProject (facet in eclipse), that I build as Foo-ejb.jar - the JavaProject is an EJB application (business logic only). To run, Foo-ejb.jar needs a library, say Bar.jar.


      Is it possibile:


      1. To pack Bar.jar inside Foo-ejb.jar and refer to it from the classpath element of the manifest file? In my case, the JavaProject has a lib folder, and that's where Bar.jar resides. The manifest.mf of Foo-ejb.jar would contain the entry Class Path: /lib/Bar.jar. I tried this, but it doesn't work
      2. If not, what's the correct way to package the Bar.jar library if I don't want Bar.jar to be "visibile" for other EJBs, just inside the scope of Foo-ejb.jar?


      I use EJB3.x on JBoss 6.0.0.Final.