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    JBoss esb + HornetQ + JBPM integration problems

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      I am using JBoss 5.1. I installed HornetQ 2.2.5, and after this I installed JBoss ESB 4.11. During ESB installation I got exception "No JMS provider is found", but it gone when I changed build.xml to check existence of file "hornetq.sar" instead of "hornetq" which is absent. So finally I was able to install Jboss ESB at jboss 5.1 with HornetQ. jbossesb.esb archive wasn't able to start because of unresolved dependencies. I removed jms queues from deployment.xml like it was described here. After these changes application server started without exceptions.

      When I ran bpm_orchestration1 sample from quickstart, behavior was incorrect. After first node execution workflow didn't move to the second node, it stopped in "Running" state. It seems like after first node was completed message was sent back to jbpm but for some unknown reason it didn't reach destination and jbpm didn't know that node had been finished.


      How can I make this sample work correctly?